KDE Farms

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“Broken Horn” is the inspiration for our logo.  The tip of her horn broke as a calf, creating this unique bovine ying and yang.


KDE Farms is a family owned business.  All of our products are agriculturally based but focus on two main areas.  Farm raised products and agricultural product development.

We raise 100% grass-fed and finished Scottish Highland cattle.  They  graze pastures (or hay in the winter) for their entire lives.  Antibiotic and hormone free, the cattle in our fold are allowed to grow at their own pace.  Our beef animals are born and raised on the farm with as little stress as possible in any handling we do.  This reinforces the natural tendency of Highland cattle to be calm and docile.  We no longer sell beef by the 1/4 or larger, only by the cut. For 1/4 or larger quantities please contact Thistle Down Farm on facebook.  We will also sell hides, horns and mounts as they are available.  Cooking instructions and sample grass-fed beef recipes are included with any beef purchase.

Grass-fed beef is a healthy alternative to standard grocery store beef.  Low in cholesterol, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, this beef is flavorful as well as good for you.  There are many sites relating the benefits of grass-fed beef.  Please see our list of links for more information on the health benefits of grass-fed beef as well as specific information on Scottish Highland cattle.

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Highland cattle are known for their thick, warm hair, short stature and docile temperament.

One of the newest members of the fold.  He is about 10 hours old in this picture and was bouncing around like he was full of jumping beans.